Fire Screens


Fire protection solutions for buildings

Coatings and screens, patented and certified in BRoof  (t2) class and Bs1d0, for maximum protection against fire in the construction sector.

It is a unique range on the market because it includes products that offer active protection, preventing the flames from spreading while preserving the structure and the materials, and thus protecting also the building.

These products are designed to be used both on roofs and on walls, thus combining excellently with the most advanced techniques in modern construction, of particular importance in the public sector and buildings of very large dimensions such as hospitals, schools, skyscrapers, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres and residential complexes.

Find out Fire Screens products

Metra zero

brevetto patent
fire barrier - METRA ZERO

Breathable and waterproofing underlay, fire barrier


brevetto patent
fire barrier - PATRIX

Special flexible support for PIR/PUR rigid boards, fire barrier


fire resistant paint - TUTOR

Water based fire resistant one component paint for SPF foam - grey


fire resistant paint - PRAESIDIUM

Waterbased fire resistant paint for Patrix support reparation

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