fire resistant paint - TUTOR

Water based fire resistant one component paint for SPF foam - grey


Water based fire resistant one component paint, especially studied to protect easily SPF foam surfaces. TUTOR belongs to the new generation of high solids paints. It has good adhesion and also flexibility on almost substrates, like metal, plastics, wood, etc.. TUTOR can easily repair fire barrier of other materials damaged. It is APEO free formulation. TUTOR can constitute a two coats system for exterior fire protection with finishing PROTECTOR white coat (see DATA SHEET). This system TUTOR + PROTECTOR enjoys good cool properties.

SPF foam can be covered directly with TUTOR. TUTOR can be diluted with water but is normally used as the one provided.
WARNING: the fire resistance euroclass of the surface treated with TUTOR should be verified, since the variety of the situations and non homogeneous applications.


Before use, mix product by handle or with slow fastness mixer in order to avoid foam. Apply with brush, roller or spatula according to the convenience. Apply one or more coats to obtain correct thickness. However two coats are recommended for the irregularity of the surfaces of SPF. It can also be applied by spray with special professional machineries.

Apply as it is without diluting or, only by necessity, dilute 5-10 % max with water according to the type of substrate, film leveling and, for spray application, depending on the nozzle used and other settings of machineries.

It is recommended to dilute the first layer with porous and absorbent substrate.

Dust free time: about 1 hour
Tack free time: about 3 hours
Over painting: 12-18 hours min
The film may be still soft. Keep attention to step on.
Deep dry: 24 -36 hours (depending on coat thickness)
Complete dry: in 4-5 days
Rain resistance after 36 hours

Apply at temperatures between +10 and +35°C. Relative humidity less than 70%. Do not apply with too hot or cold conditions. Do not apply on hot surfaces because the filming process would be accelerated excessively, with negative consequences for the product’s cohesion and adhesion to the substrate. Do not apply in very damp conditions or with risk of rain while the film is drying. Do not apply on wet or damp substrates.
Dust and clean the surface before apply TUTOR coat. Wash the tools with water immediately after use.

If the product is stored with the original sealed bucket, the product would remain unchanged for 12 months, in protected environment and with temperatures between + 10 and +30°C.
Mix before use.

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Density 1,1 ± 0,1 kg/l
Dry residue 72 ± 2% in peso
Viscosity 35000 ± 3000 cps (RVT 20 rpm, spindle 6 at 23°C)
Binder Water based emulsion of fine special resins
Film appearance Opaque
Color Gray - (indicative color Ral 7046 )
Comsumption On not absorbent and smooth surfaces at least 1,5 Kg/m2 are
recommended to obtain min fire protection.
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