Solutions designed for comfortable buildings

Elements’ Indoor collection consists of top-quality products for indoor building that satisfy the needs for efficiency and comfortable living both in new buildings and renovated and upgraded structures.

The products of the Indoor collection have been designed to optimize construction time, to offer saving on materials and labour and to guarantee quality that combines aesthetic results with durability over time.

In this networked world, also the home has become ‘smart’, enabling customers to handle various different functions remotely. Elements also offers automotion solution system that cover any setting or environment for application, whether residential or industrial.

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uncoupling waterproofing membrane - SOMA

Under-floor membranes that damp proofing properties and prevents the formation of superficial cracks

Soma Foil

uncoupling waterproofing membrane - SOMA FOIL

Uncoupling membrane with a non woven fleece which secures it to the support

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