elastic sealing paint - FORTIS

Elastic sealing waterbase paint for insulating panels


Coloured waterproofing coat with permanent flexibility, it protects for long time all the exposed parts of the insulating layer of metal sandwich panels boards. FORTIS protects from UV rays, humidity and thermal expansions. It forms an elastic coat, waterproof, thermal shock and climate conditions resistant. Ready to use and easy to apply FORTIS is recommended as protective and decorative topcoat on the cut edges of the insulating panels. FORTIS is a waterbase paint APEO free, low environmental impact. FORTIS is avalilable in several Ral colours matching with metallic coats.

FORTIS is recommended to protect and finish the edges of metal sandwich panels, where insulating core remains exposed to weather conditions, UV rays, frost-defrost. With its elastic and covering behavior, ready to use and apply in two coats, FORTIS fills all the holes and closes off the insulation core, protecting it from weather condition for long time. The colored and glazed aspect matches with the Ral colours of the metal sandwich panels.


Clean accurately dust, dirt and free particles. Apply on dry and oil free surface.

Apply with brush or roller at least two coats depending on porosity of the surface. Apply the first coat in order to saturate completely the surface, and covering all the holes without exceed with the quantity of the paint. Overpaint after drying filling and leveling in order to guarantee the sealing.

Ready to use.

Dust free time: about 1 hour
Tack free time: 1,5 hours
Overpainting: 2 hours
Complete dry: in 3 days
Forecast absence of rain for at least 36 hours.

Apply at temperatures between +10 and +35°C. Do not apply in extremely hot or cold conditions. Do not apply on very hot surfaces because the film-forming process would be accelerated excessively, with negative consequences for the product’s cohesion and adhesion to the substrate. Do not apply in very damp conditions or if there is a risk of rain while the film is still drying. Do not apply on wet or damp substrates. Wash the tools with water after use.


The product remains unchanged for 12 months if stored with the original sealed bucket, in protected environment and with temperatures between +8 and +30°C.
Mix before use.

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Density 1,35 ± 0,5 Kg/l
Dry residue 55 ± 2% in weight
Viscosity 12000 ± 1000 cps (RVT 20 rpm, spindle 6 at 23°C)
Binder Elastic and waterproofing waterbased emulsion of fine resins
Film appearance Glazed
Color Ral 9002 grey white, Ral 7016 anthracite grey, Ral 3009 oxide red, Ral 5010
gentian blue, Ral 6005 moss green, Ral 8017 chocolate brown, Ral 9006
white alluminium, Ral 8004 copper brown
Comsumption For a high protection and sealing we suggest 1-1.5 kg/m2


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