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Special white coating for Tutor and Praesidium fire protection


Special white coating for TUTOR and PRAESIDIUM fire protection and long-term protection of vertical and horizontal coverings. It forms a cohesive and waterproof film, waterproof, jump in temperature and weathering resistant. It is indicated to keep active TUTOR and PRAESIDIUM defenses from fire in their field of work. PROTECTOR also reflects solar irradiation and reduces exposed surface temperatures and protects from degradation. The contrast between the white PROTECTOR surface and the dark tone of the TUTOR or PRESIDIUM below, allows to evaluate, in relation to the consuming of the film, the right time to refresh PROTECTOR. In this way the system ensures a long term protection. PROTECTOR can be partially walked on. Water base formulation APEO free.

It is expressly recommended as a durable finish in combination with TUTOR and PRAESIDIUM, to maintain or improve fire performance while at the same time providing the overall resistance of the product to weather and aesthetic properties. It improves the thermal behavior of surfaces subjected to solar irradiation, while remaining resistant to fire.


Surfaces have to be clean, dry and brush and free from dust or no adhering impurities. TUTOR and PRAESIDIUM must be dry. It is not advisable to wait more than 10 days from their application to achieve the finish with PROTECTOR.

Apply with brush, roller or spray according to the convenience. Apply two or more coats to obtain homogeneous finishing preferably criss-crossing. Wash the tools with water immediately after use.

On TUTOR or PRAESIDIUM we strongly recommend to apply a thin coat first, diluted with 10% water, to primer the support and close the pores that could cause surface defects in dessication with excessive hands. Apply then the second covering coat with the same dilution.

Dust free time: about 1 hour
Tack free time: after 4-6
Overpainting: after 24 hours
Complete dry: after 2 days under the suggested conditions.
Provide no rainfall for at least 48 hours.

Apply at temperatures between +10 and +35°C. Do not apply in extremely hot or cold conditions. Do not apply on very hot surfaces because the film-forming process would be accelerated excessively, with negative consequences for the product’s cohesion and adhesion to the substrate. Do not apply in very damp conditions or if there is a risk of rain while the film is drying. Do not apply on wet surface. Wash the tools with water after use. Wash brushes or rollers with neutral soap solutions and warm water.

The product, closed in the original packaging and stored under cover, at temperatures between + 5°C and + 30°C, remains unaltered for at least 12 months.
Mix well before use. In case of discontinuous use, store the residual product undiluted in a container as tight as possible and in a cool and dry place.

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Density 1.4 ± 0.1 Kg/l
Dry residue 64 ± 2% by weight
Viscosity 16.000 ± 3000 cps (RVT 20 rpm, spindle 6 at 23°C)
Binder Water-based emulsion of precious resins
Film appearance White covering
Color White
Comsumption We recommend, for the best result of waterproofing and protection, the following weights and the application of two coats on TUTOR and PRAESIDIUM 70-90 gr/m2 of PROTECTOR for each coat (weight is related to undiluted paint).


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