Global Gypsum Conference 2022

We will be as exhibitor at the Global Gypsum Conference 2022 in order to present our product PLASCO

At the Global Gypsum Conference 2022, we will be present as an exhibitor at booth "P" where you will find our technicians explaining the features and advantages of our PLASCO innovative face.

Represents the solution for manufacturer of Gypsum Plasterboard. It is available in a range of weight from 350 to 450gr/m2. The fiberglass carrier is coated with a special mineral blending that increase the value of weather performances and fire resistances of final gypsum plasterboard. Its adhesion (peel strength/parting strength) is ensured by anchoring of the slurry to the rough side of the mat. PLASCO permits the board to achieve class A1 following Euroclass fire test method.

Come see us at the stand "P" for more on how our PLASCO adapt to your specific application.

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