bituminous underlay with netsreinforced edges - ARMEX


Waterproof bituminous “long-life” underlay


Waterproof bituminous “long-life” underlay. High grammage in underlay range of products and steam barrier. The peculiarity of the product are the nets-reinforced edges embedded in the product, exactly where the membrane is mechanically fixed. This increases the resistance to traction and tearing of the nail. In exceptional winds, thanks to the high toughness, it provides excellent resistance to laceration. Featuring excellent waterproofing properties. Stabilized against UV rays.


ARMEX is used on the roof, placed preferably just above the tiles and the ventilation chamber, which is more weather-exposed and where the fasteners often have the largest impacts. In this way, it promotes the rapid and safe conveyance of rainwater and its rapid delivery to the eaves line. The high weight makes it an optimal product in places characterized by a harsh climate or high thermal excursions.

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